Life After Instagram


Don’t we just love Instagram? It’s suppose to be a place where we share our exciting lives with other people, and we see theirs in return. Unfortunately, Instagram turned out to be much different than it’s original purpose. Once people found out that they could take selfies of themselves all day and get hundreds of likes, social media was never the same. First it started with Twitter. Twitter made people think they were important. Instagram took the social media game to a whole nother level. Every other Instagram account, someone is either a model, a baller, or a motivational speaker. It’s crazy how people gained these titles after Instagram was created. 

Like all new trends, something new and improved comes along, and the old is faded out. I see the same thing happening with Instagram. What will happen to these fake celebrities when Instagram is no longer cool? Who will care about the hundreds of photos that they take daily all for the sake of a like? I swear it seems like some people do everything short of selling their soul just to get a like. Social media is the pimp, and these wanna be models/entertainers are the whores. They are being pimped out and don’t even know it.

Why have 50,000 followers, and work at Chic Fil A? The problem with most people is that they want a bunch of followers, but don’t even know how to capitalize off of their fake fame. A lot of peoples egos get boosted on these sites because their picture gets to the popular page, but then what? I even heard crazy stories about people being at home and getting dressed up just to do a fake photo shoot for Instagram. My question is, why though?

Most of these people don’t have a life. Your bio says that you are a go-getter, yet every 30 minutes you are uploading a new picture of yourself. If you have that much time to snap a photo, then when do you have the time to actually go and get it. I hate to see what will happen to these fake celebrities once Instagram isn’t the thing anymore.

A lot of these Instagram models are having an identity crisis. When they no longer have a place to share their photos, these chicks will go crazy. Maybe this needs to happen. Social media cuts the productivity of most people. If socail media went down for a week, I think a lot of people will go bizerk

I can’t wait until Instagram is no longer popular, because then we will see these so called popular people for who they really are. Last week I saw a person who had 60,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter sweeping floors at Kroger. I couldn’t believe my eyes. On Instagram you would have thought this person was balling out of control, but turns out he was just a janitor. This same guy post pictures of him in the Gucci store, buying expensive clothes, and popping bottles in the club, but when the camera phones are turned off, he’s a regular Joe who sweeps up cereal in aisle 3.

Life after Instagram needs to happen. People need to get back to who they really are. The fake photo shoots, pictures of bill money, and painted red bottoms need to stop. If you aint shit in real life, work on making your life better. I can’t see myself going broke trying to impress people who don’t even know me. I’m so ready to see what will happen to people when Instagram is no longer popular.

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  1. spaceship nappy says:

    You just became my new best friend with this post….I’ve been saying this forever about (what I call) “Instagram Folktales and Fables”…It’s to the point like it’s almost acceptable to have an alter ego,but just on Instagram…

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