RHOA: Porsha Stewart Has A Sex Tape


Oh gosh! Not another one. In todays times it seems like almost everyone has a sex tape. Thanks to Kim K, people are learning just how lucrative showing ones ASSets can be. The other day, Porsha Stewart made a visit to The Bethany show and revealed that she may have filmed herself a time or two while having sex. Porsha states “I’ve been married and in long term relationships, so those types of things happen.” MMMMM-HMMMM.  

I wouldn’t be surprised if Porsha didn’t have a sex tape, but made plans to make one. She seems like the type that will do anything for fame. First she wanted to be a singer, and now she’s telling us that she may have some porn star in her blood. Somebody bring me some chairs, so that Porsha can have several seats. During Kordells and Porshas divorce, Kordell stated that Porsha was hungry for the fame. He also went on to say how Porsha wanted to be as big of a star as Nene. That was one of the reasons their marriage was falling apart. If Porsha does have a sex tape, hopefully it’s more entertaining than her personality. I’m not sure how she survived on The Real Housewives because her character is absolutely boring.

We can’t deny the fact that she is beautiful, but watching Porsha on screen is like watching a PBS documentary. Absolutely useless and boring! If she does indeed have a sex tape, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s leaked. Most of the times these celebrities leak their own naked photos and sex tapes. Some people will do anything just to keep the camera rolling in their face. I don’t pay too much attention to Porsha because she can’t keep my attention. If she comes out with a sex tape, good luck. Hopefully her 15 minutes of fame can be extended.

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