Why I Hate Pretty Strippers


Every strip club has that one pretty stripper that stands out. You’ve seen it before; you know what i’m talking about. That drop dead gorgeous, girl you don’t have to be in here dancing in the club type of stripper. Every strip club has that one pretty stripper than when you see her, you automatically want to give her all of your hard earned ones. I hate those strippers. I really hate ¬†pretty strippers. Now before you go on and say that i’m hating, let me explain why. ¬†

You ever be in the strip club and the girls be dancing their asses off? You have strippers twerking as if their life depended on it. Some strippers be flying around the pole do amazing acrobatic tricks, and then you have the strippers that be working the floor giving out lap dances trying to get that money. Those are the strippers that I like. I appreciate the hard working strippers. In the midst of you watching some random girl twerk on stage, out comes the really pretty stripper from the back. You ever notice that the pretty stripper is always the last one seen? It’s like they be hiding her in the back waiting for the perfect time to bring her out. The pretty stripper is like the main attraction Hoe.

The pretty stripper makes you forget about all of the other Hoes that you have been tossing your ones at, and you try to get her attention. While you are admiring the pretty stripper, you finally notice one huge flaw. The B!tch is lazy. Now see, this is what grinds my gears. Pretty strippers know that they look good, so they feel they have to work less. The pretty stripper just wants to walk around the strip club looking pretty, and expects for you to give her your hard earned money. If I had to work for my money, then you need to do the same thing. I’m not going to just give you a stack of ones because you look good. At the end of the day, no matter how good you may look, you are still a stripper, and you have a job to do.

Pretty strippers got the game twisted. I think a lot of strippers think they’re models. They walk around in high heels, and want people to gawk over their beauty. It won’t be me though. If I go to the strip club, then I want to see a show. It cost 10 dollars to park, and 20 dollars to get in, so the last thing I want to do is pay some female to walk around and look cute. The strip club is not a museum. I don’t want to walk around the club and admire you from afar, not being able to touch. Dance Hoe! You are a stripper. Now if you want to be a model, then go model, but while you’re at the strip club while the rest of your peers are butt booty naked, imma need you to do the same miss.

I appreciate you for taking the time and effort to look beautiful, but as long as you are employed at the strip club, im going to need for you to act like it and dance. Shouts Out to the real strippers who go to work and actually dance. We appreciate you.



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